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Uniform vouchers for 227 students from 10 schools
31 August 2018
BINTULU: Some 227 students from 10 primary and secondary schools in the Samalaju and TanjungBatu constituencies received school uniform vouchers worth RM45,000.

At the handed over ceremony at SMK Asyakirin yesterday, Samalaju Assemblyman Majang Renggi saidparents should make full use of the various types of aid provided by the government for their childrenseducation. 

The government is committed to investing in education and is providing various assistances for needyparents.Parents on their part must make full use of the opportunity to send their children to school, saidMajang. 

He said the state set up the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Research to ensure amore conducive learning environment for students and teachers.
He also urged parents to work closely with the school authorities through the Parent-TeacherAssociation (PTA) so that their children will have a better and brighter future. 

Majang thanked Yayasan Sarawak for the uniform vouchers, saying it should motivate the pupils toperform better in school.Since it was set up in 1971, Yayasan Sarawak has been instrumental in assisting in the developmentof education in the state, he said. 

He also called on the various corporate and multi-national companies around Tg Kidurong andSamalaju areas to support educational activities, especially in rural schools through their CorporateSocial Responsibilities (CSR) activities or adoption of rural schools. 

Earlier, Yayasan Sarawak principal assistant director (scholarship division) Zamahari Saidi said since2000, the foundation has spent more than RM32 million on providing uniform vouchers to more than300,000 school children. 

He added the recipients were based on the e-Kasih data from the Resident and District offices.Among those present yesterday were Bintulu Resident Office Senior Administrative Officer EdwardTawang, Bintulu Assistant District Officer Susana Indiat, Deputy Bintulu District Education Officer YusufHarbi and SMK Asyakirin Senior Assistant Cikgu Kalong. 

The voucher recipients were from SMK Kidurong, SMK Bandar, SMK Asyakirin, SMK Bintulu, SKTanjungBatu, SK Kidurong II, SK Kpg Nyalau, SJK Chung Hua, SJK Sebiew, SJK Chung Hua 2.

Source : New Sarawak Tribune

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