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Over 200 needy pupils receive school uniform vouchers from Yayasan Sarawak
21 September 2018

TATAU: A total of 224 pupils from 14 primary schools and one secondary school in Kakus constituency received school uniform vouchers totalling RM44,800 from Yayasan Sarawak.

They received the vouchers from Assistant Minister of Native Law and Customs Datuk John Sikie Tayai during a presentation ceremony held at Tatau Sports Centre yesterday.

Sikie (standing sixth left, second row) poses with some of the pupils who received the vouchers as well as other guests.

Yayasan Sarawak principal assistant director (Scholarship Division) Zamahari Saidi said this year a total of RM4 million worth of vouchers will be distributed to 20,000 students throughout the state.

Each student would get RM200 worth of voucher this year compared to RM100 last year.

Zamahari said the namelist of recipients here were obtained from the e-Kasih database from Tatau Education Office, Tatau District Office and Bintulu Residents Office.

The voucher is valid until the end of November 2018 and the parents can only buy from the premises stated in the voucher, he said.

Meanwhile, Sikie who is also Kakus assemblyman, urged the appointed vendors to supply high quality school uniforms to the students.

The Sarawak government, he said, is committed towards transforming the education system in the state.

In the context of education development, it is not enough if the role and responsibility to develop human capital or what we call as talent to be shouldered by teachers and the schools only, but parents, the community and the students must be equally involved.

This is what we call as hybrid which is a holistic and integrated involvement of all parties, he said.

Sikie said some students are very good in academics but some others are not, and this is where the parents must be able to identify their talents.

He said their talents can be developed into specific skills and with proper exposure, these talented students can be successful in their respective fields.

Source : Utusan Borneo Online

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