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13 Penan Students Pursue Further Studies At Kolej Yayasan Sabah
09 February 2009

MIRI: Thirteen Penan students from various parts of Baram left Miri yesterday to pursue their further studies at Kolej Yayasan Sabah.

These Penan students are from Long Iman, Long Mubui, Long Tujang and Long Spigen.
They are Pilie Johny, Erim Buja, Madalyn Ajang, Martyne Musa, Evina Bulan Laman, Cynthia Kawit, Resty Uning Jati, Irene Tinggang, Cynthia Anita Dia, Lydia Usun Boy, Emelda Winnie Hevvis, Ristavine Ravvy and Aldren Hennesen Uning.

They were joined by four students from other minority groups of Lun Bawang and Kenyah.
The four are Patricia Markus (Lun Bawang), Alice Usun Lian Jalong, Clare Uding Jalong and Dona Maria Jalong.

The programmes they are pursuing are Hospitality and Tourism, Certificate in Front Office Assistance, Certificate in Room Attendant, Certificate in Welding and Certificate in Information System.

State Secretary, Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot, congratulated the students for being selected to undergo the various programmes at Kolej Yayasan Sabah.
He reminded the students to study hard so that they could help to uplift the living standard of their families.

This is the rare opportunity and you have to study hard for your bright future prospect, Wilson said in his address when sending off the students at Miri Airport yesterday. He also presented incentives to the students.

Meanwhile, this is the first batch of minority ethnic students from poor families in the State to undergo skills training programmes.

The course, the fares, registration, accommodation and food expenses are fully borne by government under the Economy Planning Unit of Prime Ministers Department.

Source : Norni Mahadi, The Eastern Times

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